The basic certification LPN program takes about one year to complete, and prepares you for entry-level positions as a licensed practical nurse (LPN). If you choose to complete an LPN nursing degree program, you will need to commit to about two years of courses and training, and you can continue your education by completing an LPN to RN program at a later date. LPN programs typically require students to complete both in-classroom and clinical training so that the can acquire the skills and experience needed to excel in their careers.

How Long are LPN Programs?

Most LPN programs are about seven months to one year in length, and prepare students for hospital certification only. If you are interested in getting an LPN degree, you will need to complete a two-year LPN program offered at an accredited community college, trade school, or through an online LPN degree program. Completing the educational component of LPN programs isn't enough to enter the workforce. You will also need to get nationally certified by passing the N-CLEX-PN certificate examination.

Completing LPN Programs Online

If you need a more flexible schedule and are want to complete some or all of your courses online, consider the benefits of getting your LPN degree online. Online educational programs are growing in popularity because many students want to work at a part-time or full-time job while going to school, or they are responsible for taking care of a family and need some flexibility in their schedule. Whatever the case may be, completing LPN programs online may be a better way for you to fulfill your LPN training and education requirements.

Many people choose to complete an LPN program online because they learn better outside of a structured classroom setting, and they can complete some of their coursework at their own pace. If the student needs to fulfill clinical requirements or practical hours, they can log in their time at an approved medical facility in their community. Some schools also have satellite campuses where the student can take some of their courses in a traditional classroom setting, and the remainder of their LPN programs online.

Getting an LPN Nursing Degree

LPN nursing degree programs are typically two years in length and are only offered at accredited community colleges, trade schools and vocational schools. LPN nursing degree programs prepare students for the national examination and include several intensive courses that ensure the LPN can perform all duties required on the job. LPN nursing degree programs teach students how to answer patient calls, monitor vital signs, administer ice packs and hot water bottles, apply dressings to wound, feed patients, and also maintain appropriate documentation.

Even with an LPN nursing degree, the LPN will be working under the direction and supervision of a nurse or a physician in the field. Holding an LPN nursing degree, instead of just LPN certification after completing a standard LPN program, can put you in a better position to apply for attractive, high-paying LPN jobs. Completing a degree program will also make it easier to complete an LPN to RN degree program if you want to further your career.