Jerry Avant Jr.

Jerry Avant Jr. LPN was working his shift at Pinelake Health and Rehab Center in North Carolina when an armed man stormed into the building. The armed man moved from room to room, shooting people where they stood. Avant immediately went into life-saving mode blocking bullets from hitting patients and other employees. He died from loss of blood after being shot by the gunman 27 times.

Mary Evans

A crying niece and explosions shook Mary Evans LPN out of her slumber one January night. She ran outside to see smoke rising from the house next door. After dousing herself with water, Evans plunged into the burning house to save the four children that lived there. After a first failed try, she came out, sprayed water over herself again and braved the fire for the second time. She came out with three children. Evans could not save the fourth. If it weren't for Evans, the other three would have had the same fate.

Jahn Herrick

Jahn Herrick LPN did not know that he would be working when he boarded his Dallas-bound flight. A couple of hours into the plane ride he noticed a man sitting near him had become unconscious. He stretched the man out over a couple of seats and found the man had lost his pulse. Evans performed CPR, injected epinephrine, and shocked the man with an automated external defibrillator before he came to. Without Herrick, the plane may have landed one life short of its departure.

Lisa Lyver

Lisa Lyver LPN was attending a local high school's football game when tailback Hayward Demison collapsed onto the field after scoring the game-winning touchdown. He had suffered a heart attack. Lyver rushed down to the field, and administered CPR until his heart started up again and he was rushed to the hospital. If she hadn't stepped in, Demison would not have lived to play another game.

Charity Townsend Caldwell

Charity Townsend Caldwell LPN had just graduated from nursing school and was walking up to her commencement ceremony when she spotted a man on the floor. She rushed over and gave him chest compressions before the paramedics arrived to put him into an ambulance. She had just saved the life of Southwest Tennessee Community College's Dean of Health Sciences.