After you've completed your LPN training program and are ready to enter the workforce, you can start seeking out an LPN job or LPN careers that meet your goals. Licensed practical nurse jobs are among the most in-demand jobs in the medical field, and those who have completed adequate training and educational requirements have access to a wide variety of employment options and promising LPN careers. Many LPNs have the opportunity to travel and provide their services to patients in private homes, at private health facilities, or work as a team of medical providers for emergency and medical services departments at hospitals, clinics and medical centers. Finding the right LPN job for you can take time, but you have many resources at your disposal to find the best licensed practical nurse jobs for your career goals.

LPN Careers

Most LPN careers begin in the private or public hospital setting. When you are completing your last few months of LPN training, start looking at job listings and descriptions for licensed practical nurse jobs in your area. Your school or training center may also hold seminars or educational workshops about LPN careers at some point during your training program, so consider attending one of these events to learn more about the industry and to network with professionals who already hold attractive LPN jobs and positions you may be interested in in the future.

Types of Licensed Practical Nurse Jobs

You'll find that a number of hospitals, clinics and nursing facilities list several types of licensed practical nurse jobs throughout the year. Many LPN jobs are posted online, or on a medical facility or hospital's website. Start looking through these listings regularly to find an LPN job or position that interests you. Go ahead and submit your contact information, resume and any other supporting documents required as part of the application process.

Some of the most common types of licensed practical nurse jobs you'll come across when doing your research include:

  • Hospital nurses
  • Physician's office nurses
  • Ambulatory surgical center LPNs
  • Emergency medical center LPNs
  • Nursing care facility nurses
  • Home health nurses
  • Lead LPNs or nurse supervisors

Requirements for LPN Jobs

LPNs are responsible for a wide range of duties, and most involve interacting with patients and performing routine tasks such as monitoring readouts, caring for wounds and recording vital data. In order to apply for the most attractive licensed practical nurse jobs and positions, it's very important that you complete a an accredited nursing program and excel in your studies. You can take online LPN classes if you are weak in certain areas, and may even consider taking continuing education classes if you want to improve your skill set. Remember that any advanced education, training or work experience you have can put you in a more attractive position to obtain high-paying LPN jobs in your area.

If you do decide to advance in your career and complete a four-year nursing degree training program, you will be able to apply for positions beyond the standard LPN jobs. Advanced training may make you eligible to apply for nursing jobs such as a clinical nurse specialist, certified registered nurse anesthetist, registered nurse (RN) or a certified nurse midwife. For many candidates, LPN careers and LPN jobs are a stepping stone towards becoming a registered nurse or for pursuing an advanced nursing program.