If you complete Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) training and are looking for a job in the field, you may have wondered what the typical LPN pay scale or LPN salary is in your region and state. In some cases, LPN salary information can be obtained online but it may also be listed on a job posting or job description. When searching and comparing different LPN positions and opportunities, seek out information about LPN salaries and LPN pay scales so that you can negotiate a fair salary during your interview process.

The typical LPN pay range and LPN salaries are often based on the type of facility you work in and the location of your employer. LPN salaries vary greatly depending on whether you end up working in a community health clinic, a private hospital, at a dental office, or if you are employed to offer services in private homes. Your LPN salary may also depend on your experience.

Factors that Affect LPN Salaries

LPN pay scales and LPN salaries are contingent upon several factors, including the employer and the educational background of the licensed practical nurse. The median hourly rate for LPNs varies by as much as $10 per hour based on the state the nurse works in, and also depends largely on the type of facility you are employed by.

Some of the key factors that affect LPN salaries include:

  • Location of the employer
  • State you work in
  • Work experience
  • Educational experience outside of your LPN training

Most LPNs must complete a standard application for employment, provide proof of educational training and certification, and may also be required to complete an in-person interview. After the interview process is complete, the employer may provide some LPN salary information and an overview of any benefits packages that the prospective employee would be eligible for.

Licensed Practical Nurse Salary Range

The licensed practical nurse salary range is $34,000 to $49,000 according to Salary.com U.S. national average data, as of June 2011. The median LPN salary in the United States is $41,000. These figures are for base pay only and do not include any bonuses or benefits packages. Full-time LPNs may be eligible to receive employee benefits such as 401(k) employer matching, health and dental insurance, paid time off, vacation time and maternity leave.

LPN Salary Information

LPN salary information for LPNs that work in long-term care facilities, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, home care facilities or government hospitals may be much higher or lower than the average. In most cases, the LPN salary won't be disclosed until you have completed the interview process. However, some employers do post LPN pay scales and LPN salaries within the job listing.

Alternate job titles that may contain information about LPN salaries include Licensed Vocational Nurse, or LVN. LPN positions are entry-level positions, so if you are looking for a higher pay range or are seeking career advancement, you will need to complete training to become a registered nurse (RN) or pursue higher education for a four-year degree in a related field.